Results in the Book of Ephesians

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How Strong Is God?

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: March 14, 2010
Bible Verse: Ephesians 1:18-21

Excerpt: Why do bad things happen in a world ruled by a good God? We’ve already considered that question in this series of sermons and concluded, on the basis of Scripture, that we’ll never fully know why things happen the way they do.And we have already explored what it means to …

Can I Know The Will Of God?

Howard Vanderwell
Air Date: February 14, 2010
Bible Verse: Ephesians 5:15-21

Excerpt: Look at what Paul says in Ephesians 5 v.15—21…it’s a paragraph in which virtually every statement and clause warrants close consideration. Here are some of the things he says: Be very careful how you live and make sure it is done wisely. Make the most of every opportunity you have …

The Ties That Bind, and Sometimes Knot: On Conflict

Everett Vander Horst
Air Date: September 21, 2008
Bible Verse: Ephesians 4:17-5:2

Excerpt: The following announcement actually appeared in a Watertown, Massachusetts, church bulletin: "Irving Jones and Jessie Brown were married on October 24th. So ends a friendship that began in school days."…Well, that’s too bad. Did their friendship really have to come to an end?!? Opposites attract. But they can also attack! …

The Grip Of Grace

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: November 11, 2007
Bible Verse: Ephesians 1

Excerpt: LOST AND FOUNDI read a story not long ago about a five—year old boy who was lost in the forests of the northwest. Rangers and volunteers conducted a frantic search. Night came, snow began to fall. Still this little boy was lost. The next morning, the boy’s father, stumbling through …

Good Reasons For Doing Good

Howard Vanderwell
Air Date: September 30, 2007
Bible Verse: Ephesians 2:1-10

Excerpt: IntroductionThe story is told that one day Arthur Schopenhauer, a nineteenth century German philosopher, was sitting on a park bench in the center of town. He had been sitting there most of the day. Eventually a policeman came along, tapped him with his nightstick, and asked, “Come, come, now, who …

Home Again

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: September 23, 2007
Bible Verse: Matthew 9:1-8, Ephesians 2:4-7

Excerpt: LOOKING FOR HOMEA friend of mine who works as a Christian counselor told me that as we get older, we tend to talk more about the past. Why? Because we reach that point where our personal future is short and our personal history is long. It’s then that we begin …

A Parting Prayer

David Feddes
Air Date: March 18, 2007
Bible Verse: Ephesians 3:17-19

Excerpt: This is my last Back to God Hour program, and it’s hard to say goodbye. My first radio program aired in January of 1991. I was 29 years old at the time. Now 16 years have flown by, and I’m 45—not quite ancient, but not as young as I used …

Truth Tellers

David Feddes
Air Date: September 17, 2006
Bible Verse: Ephesians 4:25

Excerpt: The Gospel of Judas claims to reveal the real Jesus and the real Judas. The real Judas, according to this ancient document, was not evil. Instead, Judas was the only one of the twelve apostles who really understood Jesus. Jesus secretly told Judas his real message. Jesus taught Judas that …

Lasting Romance

David Feddes
Air Date: May 07, 2006
Bible Verse: Ephesians 5:31-32

Excerpt: Want to know the difference between a dating relationship and a marriage relationship? According to one author, in a dating relationship, whenever the couple uses a car, the man races around to open the door for his date, and if there happens to be a mud puddle by her door, …

Amazing The Angels

David Feddes
Air Date: March 26, 2006
Bible Verse: Ephesians 3:10

Excerpt: Angels are not easily impressed. Angels are so dazzling that they’re not impressed by the glamour of celebrities. Angels are so strong that they’re not impressed by athletic strength or military power. Angels are so smart that they’re not impressed by computers or brain power. Angels are so impressive themselves …

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