Results in the Book of Jeremiah

The Gloomy Patriot

David Feddes
Air Date: August 27, 2006
Bible Verse: Jeremiah 2:13

Excerpt: He was the man people loved to hate. It seemed he was always saying something nasty. He compared his country to a donkey in heat (2:24). He said the people were a bunch of shameless prostitutes (3:1—3). He said there wasn’t a decent person to be found anywhere, and he …

Hide and Seek

David Feddes
Air Date: August 04, 2002
Bible Verse: Jeremiah 29:13

Excerpt: Bertrand Russell, the atheist intellectual, was on his deathbed. A friend said to him, “You’ve been the world’s most famous atheist most of your life, and now you’re about to die. What if you were wrong? What would you say to God if you met him?“ Russell replied: “I think …