Results in the Book of Joshua

Inquiring Of The Lord

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: August 03, 2008
Bible Verse: Joshua 9:1-27

Excerpt: "Necessity," they say, "is the mother of invention."  When your back is up against the wall, it’s amazing what you can come up with, what you can do.  Well the Gibeonites have their back up against the wall.  They didn’t even have Internet or television, but they had heard, by …

The Grandma Test

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: July 27, 2008
Bible Verse: Joshua 8:30-35

Excerpt: One of my most vivid childhood memories is the vigorous discussions my Grandpas and uncles and dad would have after church. We always gathered on Sunday noon after church at either Grandpa and Grandma Ryken or Grandpa and Grandma Kelderman’s house, and the men always gathered in one corner of …

What Is The Big Deal?

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: July 20, 2008
Bible Verse: Joshua 7-8

Excerpt: What’s the big deal? What’s the big deal about taking a robe, a little silver, and a little gold from a city that’s going to be destroyed anyway? That is the sin that Achan committed and that got him and his family stoned to death. Why did God make such …

The Battle Of Jericho

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: July 13, 2008
Bible Verse: Joshua 6

Excerpt: One of the fascinating things about the Bible is the stories it tells.  You don’t have to know the Bible very well, or, for that matter, even be a Christian, to know some of the famous stories of the Bible.  The story of the Battle of Jericho (that’s told in …

Be Strong

Duane Kelderman
Air Date: July 06, 2008
Bible Verse: Joshua

Excerpt: How do you chart your course in life?  How do you decide what’s important and where you are going?  Some of you haven’t really thought about that very much; you’ve never made such a decision; you don’t really have in mind a clear destination for your life; you just go …

A Strange Lady In Church

Howard Vanderwell
Air Date: August 05, 2007
Bible Verse: Joshua 2:1-14

Excerpt: I wonder if you have any embarrassing relatives hanging around your family tree; people you’d rather the rest of us not meet.  They’re are an embarrassment to you, you feel like they bring shame to your family, and you feel it’s sort of a reflection on yourself — so you’d …