Results in the Book of Matthew

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Following Jesus Into The Storms

Everett Vander Horst
Air Date: September 06, 2009
Bible Verse: Matthew 8:23-34

Excerpt: Black Saturday refers to a few different occasions throughout history. But in some third world communities around the globe, where a somewhat eclectic form of Roman Catholicism is prominent, it’s the day between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. On Black Saturday, many people refuse to leave their homes. Because it …

Beyond Abandonment

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: April 05, 2009
Bible Verse: Matthew 27:45-56

Excerpt: TAKING LIFE SERIOUSLYThrough the years, I have discovered that many of us have a rather mechanical view of life. That is, we believe that life is like the candy machine down at the office. You put in your money, push the buttons, and out drops your bag of Skittles. And …

The Lord’s Prayer

Paul DeVries
Air Date: February 08, 2009
Bible Verse: Matthew 6:9-13

Excerpt: Many of us know it simply as the Lord’s Prayer. Some call it the "Our Father." Both Luke and Matthew record Jesus teaching this prayer. Christians of all denominations, languages, and cultures have learned the prayer. Besides the fact that it is the only prayer that Jesus specifically teaches his …

When God Comes Conflict Breaks Out

Howard Vanderwell
Air Date: December 28, 2008
Bible Verse: Matthew 2:13-18, Revelation 12:1-9

Excerpt: STORIESAs you probably know, the Bible is a book filled with stories, fascinating stories.  Perhaps you had your first contact with the Bible the way I did, through the Bible Story Books that we had as children. And we remember those times when Mom or Dad would read our Bible …

Do I Dare Let You Know The Real Me?

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: November 16, 2008
Bible Verse: Matthew 3:1-11, 11:1-6

Excerpt: MASKMAKING My wife has taught middle school art for almost thirty years. She is among those in the teaching profession that love working with middle school kids—a love I have never acquired! She delights in watching timid sixth graders, new to the school, grow into confident eight graders, ready to …

Is It Doubt Or Something Else?

Stan Mast
Air Date: October 19, 2008
Bible Verse: Matthew 28:17

Excerpt: "When they saw him, they worshiped him, but some doubted." Isn’t that a peculiar text? I have probably preached on the Great Commission more than any other text in the whole Bible, but I’ve always skipped over these strange words, because I’ve never known what to make of them. Well, …

Faith and Doubt: Can They Live In The Same Heart?

Stan Mast
Air Date: October 12, 2008
Bible Verse: Matthew 14:31

Excerpt: Can faith and doubt live in the same heart? That’s what I want to think about with you for a few moments today. It’s not an easy question. The church I serve has a wonderful confession of faith called the Heidelberg Catechism. As it explains the Apostles Creed, the most …

Rules Or Relativity

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: May 25, 2008
Bible Verse: Matthew 5:43-48

Excerpt: THE QUESTIONOver my 25 years in parish ministry, I’ve met with countless people and listened to their personal stories. You know, a lot of people think that pastors live a rather cloistered existence, cut off from the issues that real people face. I can assure you that isn’t true. I …

Learning To Speak Well

Howard Vanderwell
Air Date: November 18, 2007
Bible Verse: Matthew 16:13-20, James 3:1-12

Excerpt: Everyone one of us has received a wonderful gift that we probably overlook most of the time. It’s a gift we cannot do without. It’s packed with potential, and will be a mighty influence for good if only we learn to use it well. It is very complex and complicated, …

God In The Valley

Robert Heerspink
Air Date: October 14, 2007
Bible Verse: Matthew 10:29-31

Excerpt: SHELDON AND DAVYHis name is Sheldon Van Auken. And he has written a book about a wondrous love story. You see, Sheldon fell in love with Jean Davis—a marvelous girl who went by the nickname, Davy. Sheldon and Davy met when they were college students and were soon married. Their …

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