Results in the Book of Titus

The 100 Percent Savior

David Feddes
Air Date: October 23, 2005
Bible Verse: Titus 3:4

Excerpt: I’ve got good news and bad news. Which would you like to hear first? The good news? Sorry. You won’t be able to believe the good news, or understand why it is so good, unless you first know the bad news. If the bad news gets too grim for you, …

Hungry For Freedom

David Feddes
Air Date: January 25, 2004
Bible Verse: Titus 2:11-12

Excerpt: If you want to join the military, you have to go through basic training, and that can be hard. If you’re already in the military and want to join a special operations unit, the training is even harder. Training for these elite units lasts many months and includes many extreme …

Baptism and New Life

David Feddes
Air Date: January 06, 2002
Bible Verse: Titus 3:5

Excerpt: At the beginning of a new year, we dump our old calendars and get new ones. Goodbye to the old, hello to the new! Now that calendars have been changed and New Year celebrations are over, let’s talk about not just a new year but a new life. If the …