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The Christmas Star

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-17-2000

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2:10—11

Summary: I’ve always loved Christmas lights. When I was little I liked it when our whole house was dark except for the lights on the Christmas tree. I would just sit there in the darkness and stare at those lights for a long time. It was so peaceful and beautiful, and …

Scary Good News

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-10-2000

Scripture Reading: John 3:16

Summary: It was not a typical Christmas celebration. The place was off the beaten path. The preacher looked wild and weird. His words were fierce and jarring. “You bunch of snakes!“ he said to the crowd. “Who told you that you could escape from God’s wrath? You need a complete turnaround …

The Deadbeat Scrolls

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-03-2000

Scripture Reading:

Summary: An archeologist digging in northern Israel has unearthed some scrolls that offer new insight into how Jesus was raised.According to these scrolls, when Jesus’ mother Mary first heard she was pregnant, she was unhappy. It’s not that she felt any embarrassment about being unmarried and pregnant. The problem was that …

Why Church

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-26-2000

Scripture Reading: Acts 2:42

Summary: Is it possible to steer clear of church and still be a good Christian? Many people would say yes to that question, and perhaps you would agree. You believe in God; you pray once in a while; you consider yourself a Christian; but you feel you can get along just …

Thanks Amid Thorns

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-19-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:18

Summary: Is there any reason to give thanks after a day when one thing after another has gone wrong? Maybe you’ve had some pretty bad days when it was hard to feel thankful. But now try to picture a really, really bad day, a day when everything has gone wrong at …

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