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Adam, Where Are You?

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-12-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:9

Summary: She was a college girl with an attitude. When a famous preacher visited the campus and spoke at a student gathering, the young woman went to hear him but didn’t like his message at all. Afterward the girl walked up to the preacher with a scowl, obviously offended at his …

A Sneaky Snake

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-05-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 3:4

Summary: The speaker was persuasive. He was no dummy; he was known for his clever insight. He wasn’t negative or threatening; he offered an upbeat message of new freedom and a new frontier. He wasn’t sour or unfriendly; he sent a clear message that he wanted only what was in people’s …

The Original Marriage

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-29-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:22

Summary: If you want a marriage that flourishes, you need to know what marriage is, where it comes from, and what it is meant to be. You need to know what a man is, what a woman is, how they are the same, and how they are different. A great way …

Dinosaurs and More

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-22-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:19

Summary: Who was the first person to discover dinosaurs? In 1677 Dr. Robert Plot found some enormous bones but didn’t know what sort of creature they came from. In 1822 Mary Ann Mantell and her husband, Dr. Gideon Mantell, found a fossil tooth much like modern reptiles but much bigger. Dr. …

The Garden Of Eden

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-15-2000

Scripture Reading: Genesis 2:15

Summary: What was life like in the earliest days of the human race? Where did our earliest ancestors live? What did they have to do in order to survive? The earliest ancestors of the human race are often pictured as cave people, making their homes in dark, damp, dirty dwellings. Their …

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