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A Dream Come True

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-28-2003

Scripture Reading: Daniel 2:4,5

Summary: There once was a king who had a dream—a strange, scary dream. Most dreams lose their power once a person wakes up and are soon forgotten. But this was a dream the king couldn’t forget. The dream stuck with the king even when he was awake. The dream seemed so …

Jewish Christmas

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-21-2003

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2:2

Summary: The Christmas season is a joyous time for many people, but if you’re Jewish, Christmas may feel awkward. It may feel like someone else’s holiday, not yours. Christmas is all around you, you can’t avoid it, and yet you don’t feel part of it. You’re in a minority. You’re surrounded …

Mangers and Monuments

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-14-2003

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:11-12

Summary: Once upon a time Christmas was illegal. It was against the law to celebrate Christmas. Who came up with these anti—Christmas laws? Was it an atheist dictator? Was it a secular judge who issued an anti—Christmas ruling? No, the people who made Christmas illegal were not atheist or secular. They …

Mary’s Choice

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-07-2003

Scripture Reading: Luke 1:38

Summary: Mary was a young woman who had no plans for a pregnancy, no plans to have a baby any time soon. But one day Mary found out that she would be having a baby boy. His name would be Jesus. When Mary heard this news, she made a choice. Mary …

Seeing The Unseen

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-30-2003

Scripture Reading: Hebrews 11:26-27

Summary: The young man was attending Harvard University but decided to drop out. Why would he do that? Why drop out of such a prestigious institution? Was he getting bad grades? Did he hate classes? No, his grades were okay, and he liked school just fine. But he left because he …

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