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If Angels Came This Christmas

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-19-2004

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:9

Summary: Do you ever envy the shepherds of Bethlehem? Sometimes I do. Their Christmas was a lot more exciting than mine.When I go to church for a Christmas celebration, I can usually predict what’s going to happen even before I get there. I know most of the songs that will be …

Crying After Christmas

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-25-2004

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2:18

Summary: Bethlehem would have been happier if Jesus had been born elsewhere. Christmas cards picture Bethlehem as a lovely village, and you might wish you had been there when baby Jesus was born. But if you could go back in time and talk with people who lived in Bethlehem back then, …

Full Of Grace and Truth

David Feddes

Air Date: 12-12-2004

Scripture Reading: John 1:14

Summary: You open the mailbox. The bold print on the envelope screams, “Congratulations! You are a finalist for our grand prize!“ A finalist! Just one more step, and the pot of gold is yours! You’ll be swimming in money. So, are you jumping for joy? Are you planning where you’re going …

The War Within

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-14-2004

Scripture Reading: Romans 7:21, 23

Summary: Phil sits in front of his computer. His hand hovers over the mouse, hesitating. Then he clicks it. Soon the screen is showing him one dirty picture after another. Phil feels ashamed about looking at pornography, and he tells himself he should shut the computer off. But even as he …

Joy In The Jail

David Feddes

Air Date: 11-21-2004

Scripture Reading: Acts 16:25

Summary: Once upon a time there were twin boys who were identical in looks but opposite in their outlook. One boy was a pessimist, the other an optimist. No matter how well things went for the pessimist, he always found something to be sad about. And no matter how badly things …

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