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History’s Harshest Sermon

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-17-2004

Scripture Reading: Matthew 23:33

Summary: History’s harshest sermon came as a shock. It was not nice; it was fierce. It was not polite; it was full of nasty names. The biggest shock was whom it was directed against. History’s harshest sermon attacked some of history’s most religious, respectable people. These people prayed several times each …

Speaking In Tongues

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-03-2004

Scripture Reading: 1 Corinthians 14:39-40

Summary: Millions of people claim to speak in tongues. They feel moved to make sounds that aren’t part of any language they’ve learned, and they take this as a special blessing from God’s Holy Spirit. Other people want to speak in tongues but can’t, and they fear that this means their …

Spiritual Gifts

David Feddes

Air Date: 10-10-2004

Scripture Reading: Romans 12:5-6

Summary: An elderly minister, a Boy Scout, and a science professor were the only passengers on a small plane. As they were flying, the engine began making strange noises. The pilot left the controls and told the passengers, “This plane is going down. We only have three parachutes, and there are …

The Unknown God

David Feddes

Air Date: 09-26-2004

Scripture Reading: Acts 17:23

Summary: If there’s one thing about the Christian faith that offends people, it’s this: The God of Jesus is too definite. He can be known. And that turns many people off.Alcoholics Anonymous and other twelve—step groups speak of depending on “God as you understand him,“ whatever that understanding might be. Any …

Higher Education

David Feddes

Air Date: 09-19-2004

Scripture Reading: Proverbs 2:6

Summary: Higher education has been Richard Rorty’s life. As a youth, Richard was brilliant. He enrolled in the elite University of Chicago when he was only fifteen years old. By the time others his age were graduating from high school, Richard already had his college degree. What a brain! Rorty went …

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