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When God Comes Conflict Breaks Out

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 12-28-2008

Scripture Reading: Matthew 2:13-18, Revelation 12:1-9

Summary: STORIESAs you probably know, the Bible is a book filled with stories, fascinating stories.  Perhaps you had your first contact with the Bible the way I did, through the Bible Story Books that we had as children. And we remember those times when Mom or Dad would read our Bible …

When God Comes We See Glory

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 12-21-2008

Scripture Reading: Luke 2:8-15, John 1:14

Summary: In just a few days now, it’s going to be Christmas. There’s something about Christmas that seems to capture the hearts of all of us. We’ve been told for weeks now that we ought to be purchasing that special gift. We have our family plans. We’ve probably been attending get—togethers …

God Comes and He Stretches Us

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 12-14-2008

Scripture Reading:

Summary: The Story Begins I’m intrigued by this fellow Jonah. Somehow I have the feeling that he’s a lot like me…just a regular man of God who got the call to be a prophet. I’m sure he considered it a privilege to be a prophet. Most people would. But when God …

God Comes and He Speaks

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 12-07-2008

Scripture Reading: Exodus 3:1-15

Summary: Do you ever think about how we get to know God? Or whether we can know him? Well this story answers that question. You see, some people seem to think that God is very aloof, very inaccessible. They have a religion of a god who is just so far away …

Can I Break Free Of My Addictions?

Robert Heerspink

Air Date: 11-30-2008

Scripture Reading: Romans 6:1-14

Summary: WHAT CONTROLS YOUR LIFE?She sat in my study, not knowing what to make of her life. She told me she loved her husband. But over the course of their brief marriage she hadn’t been able to keep away from other men. The pattern was always the same. She’d visit the …

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