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Celebrating 71 Years of the Back to God Hour

Steven Koster

Air Date: 04-11-2010

Scripture Reading: Romans 10:14-15

Summary: This program, the Back to God Hour, has been on the air for over 70 years. And this episode today is the last program that we will be recording under the name The Back to God Hour. Does that mean this is the end? Such a transition raises a host …


Duane Kelderman

Air Date: 04-04-2010

Scripture Reading: John 16:16-24

Summary: In his book, Where is God When It Hurt?, Philip Yancy tells the story of a conversation he had one time with Robin Graham. Graham is the youngest person in history to ever sail all the way around the world alone. Graham decided to try this incredible feat when he …

How Strong Is God?

Duane Kelderman

Air Date: 03-14-2010

Scripture Reading: Ephesians 1:18-21

Summary: Why do bad things happen in a world ruled by a good God? We’ve already considered that question in this series of sermons and concluded, on the basis of Scripture, that we’ll never fully know why things happen the way they do.And we have already explored what it means to …

Why Isn’t God Answering?

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 03-08-2010

Scripture Reading: Psalms 10, 13

Summary: You know… this question that we’re talking about today is an unusually painful one. It’s a very hard thing to think that God might not be answering me. This question comes up when some hard things are going on in our lives that make us look to God for help. …

Why Do Good People Suffer?

Howard Vanderwell

Air Date: 02-28-2010

Scripture Reading: Job 1, 2

Summary: You know it’s so important to remember that Job really was a good man. And, yes, like so many of us, Job knew about suffering first hand. Dr. Richard Selzer is a surgeon. And he has written a book for young doctors in which he addresses our experience of suffering. …

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