Pastor Biography

Duane Kelderman

Rev. Duane Kelderman is currently the Interim Pastor at Faith Christian Reformed Church, Holland, Michigan.  Before his current position he served as the Vice President for Administration and an Associate Professor of Preaching at Calvin Seminary in Grand Rapids and as pastor in Christian Reformed congregations in Toledo, Ohio; Denver, Colorado; and Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Rev. Kelderman is married to Jeannette and has three children and two grandchildren. He was born and raised in Oskaloosa, Iowa and attended Calvin College and Calvin Seminary. He enjoys reading and carpentry.

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Air Date: 04-04-2010

Bible Verse: John 16:16-24

In his book, Where is God When It Hurt?, Philip Yancy tells the story of a conversation he had one time with Robin Graham. Graham is the youngest person in history to ever sail all the way around the world alone. Graham decided to try this incredible feat when he …

How Strong Is God?

Air Date: 03-14-2010

Bible Verse: Ephesians 1:18-21

Why do bad things happen in a world ruled by a good God? We’ve already considered that question in this series of sermons and concluded, on the basis of Scripture, that we’ll never fully know why things happen the way they do.And we have already explored what it means to …

Is Pain A Punishment?

Air Date: 09-27-2009

Bible Verse: Job 4, Psalm 103:10

Last time we considered the age—old question of the sufferer: WHY? Why do people suffer? If God is good and all—powerful, then why do bad things happen all the time? Last time we explored what it means to live by faith, to believe even when we do not see; and …

Pain - God's Megaphone

Air Date: 09-27-2009

Bible Verse: Psalm 119:65-72

Years ago a parishioner in a church I was serving then was suffering severe pain because of kidney stones. The doctors monitored her situation for a week before they finally decided to go in and get those kidney stones. After her surgery, her husband called me and told me that …

How Will You Respond?

Air Date: 09-27-2009

Bible Verse: John 9:1-7, James 1:2-4

Over the past few weeks we have been considering the age old question of the sufferer: Why? Why do we suffer? We concluded that we’ll never fully know why things happen the way they do, but that we can still live by faith, with hope, and joy, and confidence. The …

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